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Our 2014 Honours 1 Series 2 collection will be on sale Monday 14th July.   You can order a box or...
26 February 2014

2014 AFL Champions Cards

Our 2014 AFL Champions collection will be on sale Monday 3rd March. You can purchase a box, album or case...
27 November 2013

Tri Star Signature

For sale via our website from Wednesday 4th December: A very Limited Edition Tri Star Signature card. ...
On sale via our website today, the 2013 Hawthorn Premiership Boxed collection features all your favourite...
25 September 2013

2013 Future Force cards

2013 NAB AFL Under 18 Championships FUTURE FORCE 100 common cards, from the 8 teams represented. 22...
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10 July 2012

2010 RLPA Rookie of the Year Trent Hodkinson

For our NRL collectors!!

Select Australia has released a Limited Edition RLPA Rookie of the Year Signature.

Only 100 cards have been released and will be sold via our website

Only $100 each!!

Free postage.


So go get em collectors, when they're gone, they're gone!!!

And thanks for collecting Select.

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